Golden Car Racing Tips

Are you a racing enthusiast? Or are you planning to go into motorsports soon? Here are skills to help you achieve top speed and rival other racers.

Learn and Assess the Track

As an expert in racing, you should know that learning the track helps you navigate it better. You need to know where the corners and bumps are as well as where the race starts and ends. Consider knowing the number of laps you are required to make. Jump into your car days before the race and see how the car reacts to the track. Drive slowly and take time to learn the entire track and limits. Gauge the elevation changes and distances. The more you drive on the track, the better you become.

Brake Late

A race track is quite different from regular roads. On the latter, you let off the accelerator long before you start braking. This does not mean that you break on the last second, considering that a prompt stab on the brakes is likely to upset the balance of your automobile and even make it roll. Braking late when car racing only gives you an advantage over your rivals who might just be seconds late. Be sure to use the markers on the racing track, which indicate when you should start braking. Additionally, be sure to practice before executing your skills on the track.

Be Smooth on Your Car

Every driver has their style of speeding their sports car. But jerky movements on the brakes or steering are enough to send you the wrong way, make you relinquish your spot, and even cause life-threatening injuries. Just go smooth. And this does not mean that you do engage the accelerator to speed up or turn the steering wheel quickly. It only implies that you do not have to overdo it. Always keep in mind that balance can only be achieved by being smooth. And a stable car usually goes fast.